During all treks we provide 4 season trekking tents which are pitched on twin share basis. Treks carry Mess tents, toilet tents and kitchen tents on a regular basis. Mules, horses, donkeys or porters are taken depending on the area of operation and you need carry only their day packs with packed lunch, water, camera and wind/water proof jackets.

The dining / mess tent has tables and chairs/stools. We also provide sleeping mats. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags, water bottles and personal clothing, however it can be arranged locally on request at extra cost. Water used for cooking is filtered, boiled and treated with iodine to make it extra safe before it is provided to you for consumption through the day. Carrying bottled water is a possibility on short/easy treks however we discourage use of plastic on our trips.

Our trips are not left to sub-agents or trekking sirdars but organised and accompanied by our most seasoned escorts. All regular tours (cultural, festival and special interest tours) are arranged with English speaking local guides, though if required we can also arrange excellent escorts, who are well acquainted with Indian Culture, History, tradition, religion etc. to accompany the group throughout their stay in India.

On multi-day rafting trips, we carry all gear on our rafts in dry bags including client tents, crockery, stoves, sleeping bags and other gear. Toilets on river trips are the great outdoors. A cook accompanies all trips and tents provided with sleeping mats. Food is hygienically prepared and wholesome keeping in mind the nature of trip. At our rafting camps on the Ganga and Tons rivers, however, we have deluxe tents with beds, mattresses and quilts. All day and weekend trips run out of here and it serves as a base for treks in the region as well as day-hikes in the surrounding area.
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Adventure activities, especially those graded as 'challenging' or 'difficult' typically involve some degree of cardiovascular fitness and strength. While not often mentioned as a prerequisite, being prepared for demands of adventure activity, enhances the experience by reducing physical stress, aids in injury prevention and accelerates recovery. Be it a trek or rafting expedition, being in good shape can only be better. And if it's an outdoor challenge like the Aquaterra Challenge, a training program specifically geared for it can make all the difference.
So if you are looking to eliminate guesswork and be guided by professionals who can help you achieve requisite fitness levels and help plan for that dream pursuit, click here.

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